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Bodyworx EJK355B Hydraulic Stepper

Compact hydraulic mini-stepper for impact-free fitness.

A small sturdy stepping machine, the Bodyworx EJK355B mini Hydraulic Stepper (EJK355B) is great for those with space restriction who want to do some cardio work and tone their lower body. With a basic display of time, calories, steps count and steps per minute this stepper is a great small and convenient option.

Supported by BodyWorx, one of Australia's oldest and most trusted fitness equipment companies.

Key Features

  • Ideal for light aerobic training.
  • Strong robotic welds.
  • Single window LCD computer display.
  • Designed for domestic use only.

Packaging: 1x box, 11 KG.

Colour: Blue fittings - White frame.

Weight Capacity:
Maximum User Capacity: 110 KG (242.5 LBS).

Dimensions are 42L x 34W x 22H cm (22cm height is with the steps level).