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Bodycraft LGXE (GXE) Elite Home Gym

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The Bodycraft LGXE Elite Home Gym is the best in its class, by a long way!!!  Very small footprint and over 70 exercises available make this Elite Gym number 1. Optional leg press is also a great smooth part of this multi functional home gym. 

  • Cable station with adjustable arms allows for a very wide aray of exercises including:
  • Functional training
  • Small and very compact 
  • sports specific
  • core training
  • exercises that mimic dumbbell training
  • dumbbell training
  • AB crunch station for abdominal training
  • High pulley station for lat pull downs and triceps push downs
  • Low pulley station with foot plate for low rows, abductor and adductor leg kicks, arm curls, upright rows, etc.
  • Leg extension and curl station provides seated leg extension and seated leg curl.
  • Sealed, internally lubricated bearings for exceptionally smooth performance
  • Optional leg press attachment for leg development
  • Super smooth throughout every exercise
  • Personal trainers love this machine!!

Exercise Guide:


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