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Bodycraft LX2 (X2) Pro Multi Stack Gym

Features Multiple Workout Stations with Two Selectorized Weight Stacks which allow for multiple users. Easy reference multigym exercise charts are permanently mounted to steel plates on all four sides. Pictures and descriptions of 40 different exercises show proper positioning and form and the muscled worked.

BodyCraft Pro Multi Express gym
Two Weight Stacks allow for multiple users at 10 pound increments. The Family XPress shown here with optional Multi-Hip Attachment. Can also be purchased with Vertical Knee Raise / Dip Station, or without any attachments.

You define the  path, providing for a greater, more natural range of motion, which incorporates the use of stabilizer and core muscle groups - an advantage not found on typical home gyms.

Fully adjustable functional training / cable arms provide over 100 exercises! Every exercise you have ever performed with dumbbells can be duplicated here!

Also a great station for Sports Specific exercises and Functional Training exercises! This station also includes a High Pulley for Lat Pull Downs, Triceps Pushdowns, etc.

Optional Attachments: VKR Dip Station and Hip Station (both optional)

Build the ultimate multi-gym with the optional Virtual Knee Raise/Dip station and optional Hip Station.

Multi-gym Features:

Two Weight Stacks allow for multiple users. Precision milled, steel alloy weight plates with factory installed EZ Glide nylon bushings, travel quietly over chrome plated guide rods. Both weight stacks provide 200 pounds of plates in 10 pound increments.

Safe Perforated steel enclosures provide safety, noise dampening and a beautiful appearance.
Bench Press Station with adjustable starting point. Seat and seat back are adjustable. Back pad tilts to ensure full support when performing incline and shoulder presses.
Ab Crunch Station for abdominal training.
Cable Station with adjustable arms, allows for a very wide array of exercises including Sports Specific, Core Training, and exercises that mimic Dumbbell Training.
Low Pulley Station with folding foot plate.
High Pulley Station for Lat pull Downs, and Triceps Push Downs.
Leg Extension and Curl Station provides Seated Leg Extension and Standing Leg Curl.
Leg Press Station for full leg development. 2:1 weight ratio provides up to 400 pounds of resistance.
Weight Stack Enclosures for safety and beauty.
Sports Specific: You can even implement Sports Specific movements for Golf, Baseball, Tennis and more.


Length: 105"
Width: 84" (104" wide with optional knee raise/dip station)
Height: 82"