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Bodyworx C330UB Deluxe FID Utility Bench


Deluxe FID Utility Bench including Leg Developer & Preacher Pad

Key Features
  • Flat, incline, decline and military pressing positions.
  • Chrome sliding track for easy adjustment of back pad.
  • Dual action leg developer with detachable Olympic sleeve.
  • Includes preacher curl accessory.
  • Over sized foam rollers.
  • Adopt to most squat racks, cages and Smith Machines.
  • Heavy duty steel tube construction.
  • High quality metallic powder coating.
  • High density durable upholstery.
Maximum Weight Loading: 70 KG (154 LBS)
Optional Attachment: C399LT Lat Tower
Maximum Capacity: 180 KG (396 LBS) Including User Weight