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Bodyworx L680T Smith Machine

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Product Code: L680T

  • Heavy construction with 7 cm x 7 cm - 2.0 mm thick and 5 cm x 7 cm - 2.0 mm thick high tensile steel tubes on the frame.
  • The Front Main Lifting Bar now hooks onto the 5.0 mm thick gun rack plates instead of hooking onto the tube.
  • The 2 guide rods for the linear bearings are made of super hardened chrome, highly smooth special solid steel rods which are specially used for linear bearings to provide very smooth movement.
  • The Lat / Low Row / Butterfly attachment is also improved to be heavier and stronger.
  • Full Smith System including High Lat / Low Row, Pec Dec, Heavy Duty Utility Bench C430UB & Leg Developer, Preacher Curl Pad & Attachment Holder C430AS
  • Extra Heavy Duty Steel Tubing Construction
  • Linear Bearing Smith System provides smooth movement and feeling of commercial style product
  • Solid Lifting Bar same as a Standard 86” Olympic Bar
  • Chrome Sleeve can be removed to accommodate standard size plates
  • 450 KG (1000 LBS) Capacity on Bar
  • 270 KG (600 LBS) Loading Capacity on weight plate carriage
  • Solid Guide Rods with Hardened Chrome
  • Uprights features a 7 degree pitch to accommodate the body’s natural path of movement
  • High Quality Metallic Powder Coating
95 KG (210 LBS) WEIGHT STACK (Not Shown)
Product Code: LWS210

  • Maximum Front Rack Capacity:        365 KG (803 LBS)
  • Maximum Bar Capacity:            275 KG (605 LBS)
  • Maximum High Lat / Low Row Capacity:    180 KG (396 LBS)
  • Maximum Pec Dec Capacity:        275 KG (605 LBS)
  • Assembly Dimensions:    290 cm (L) x 220 cm (W) x 215 cm (H)

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