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MA1 Power Bag

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Large 90lb Capacity Heavy Duty Power Bag with Handles - Challenge Your Core and Stabilising Muscles

Work out your core and stabilising muscles with this Heavy Duty Power Bag. Constructed out of a super thick waterproof 1000D Nylon material, you can take your training session out into the fresh air.  Perfect for those looking for a brutal workout, this Sand Bag is suitable for wrestlers, grapplers and mixed martial artists to master lifting, throwing, dragging exercises and more.

Also great for making squats, lunges and push ups more challenging, Power Bags differs from the traditional barbells because of it offers instability in comparison to a precision made instrument where the load is balanced. The Power Bag challenges you with its shifting weight which increases intensity along with your movements, forcing you to use your stabilising muscles and build a powerful core.

The high quality rubber handles makes the Power Bag more versatile, allowing you to mix in bent over rows, high pulls, bicep curls and more to create a full set of workout with one piece of equipment.

Specific Benefits: 

  • Increases Strength
  • Improves Muscles Tone
  • Reduces Body Fat
  • Advances Cardio Fitness
  • Highly Portable and Versatile


  • Thick and Durable 1000D Nylon Construction
  • Waterproof 
  • Great for Indoors and Out
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Handles